Welcome to The Phoenix Files!

This blog is a collection of papers and how-to articles I have written over the past 25+ years, as well as my travel journals and announcements.  Scholarly works from "The Library" on my old website, are labeled here as "Historica Tractatu." 

My travels have had heavy influence on my work and are the 'back story' behind many of my designs. Some of my older journals are revised from the original, and most link to photo albums on Facebook.  

A Few New Works

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 8/31/2016 to News & Miscellanae
A few new works ... 

Some of these you may have seen at the Beppa show last weekend, others you will see at the upcoming Arts North Studio Tour September 10-11.

Follow me on Facebook to see new works and some of the process that goes into making them.  There may even be a little something for the person who becomes Fan Number 501...

Mood Indigo at SAAM

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 8/27/2016 to News & Miscellanae
I took a break from hatmaking earlier this month, to visit "Mood Indigo - Textiles from Around the World" at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. 

This exhibit was highly recommended by Jean Hicks, a fellow hatter and feltmaker, and it did not disappoint...

Buttons and Tours

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 8/24/2016 to News & Miscellanae
Button Button - who's got the button?  Beppa Does!

I'm excited to be going to the Beppa Button Sale this weekend, which I hear is one of those local events that you're not supposed to miss... although I have missed it every year thus far ...

Any Day Hats - a Recap

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 8/20/2016 to News & Miscellanae
I have neglected this blog for the past two months and now I have a lot of updates to do... so buckle your seat belt as we hit the road running!

First up - a recap of our inaugural Any Day Hat show, held at Beppa Studio June 3-4.  We even got a nice bit of press coverage in the Seattle Met Magazine!