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Sometimes Inspiration is Elemental

Posted by Heather Daveno, Millinery Artisan Guild Member on 4/24/2016 to News & Miscellanae
Sometimes Inspiration is Elemental
"In August 2015, Carol Campbell and Michale Crooks attended Wayne Wichern's millinery trim class, along with four other students.  One student was Judith, who, after looking around in Carol's workshop, was inspired by an unusual hat block from which Carol had created three very different hats.  And Judith said that if she had a milliners guild, she would issue a challenge to milliners to each use the same hat block, sending it from one milliner to the next within a time frame, and see the different hats that resulted from the challenge.  Then Wayne talked about the Edibles project, which resulted in hats by Millinery Artisan Guild of the Pacific Northwest members which are still in museums today..."

Carol and Michale loved that idea so much that they issued a hat challenge for early 2016.  Rather than share a block, they chose an inspiration.

Sometimes Inspiration is Elemental ...