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The Patricia

Posted by on 9/3/2018 to News & Miscellanae
I last saw Patty just before I left for Chicago in May, bringing her customary selection of trinkets for my hats and general news of her world.  It was a briefer than normal visit since I was packing for my upcoming trip.  Two weeks later, I returned with a camera full of photos that would evolve into new hat styles, and notes that are still waiting to become blogs for this page. Ten days after that, I took on the unexpected task of moving a parent into eldercare, a project that would take much of my attention for the next three months.  I drifted away from Facebook and lose track of most people in my social circle until only a few days ago, when I was informed of Patty's passing. 

Patty kept me supplied with the knit leaves I use on some of my garden hats. Sometimes she would fulfill specific requests, other times she would just use up the yarn leftover from her recently completed scarf or sweater.  She never asked for compensation, it was just something she liked to do for me.  Some of my most popular hats are the result of those favors.

Patty's given name was Patricia (a derivative of the Latin patrician, meaning "noble").  She always carried a certain level of nobility with her,  which she often masked with a wry smile and even wryer wit.  She was one of those people who would do anything for you and expect little-to-nothing in return.  Belatedly, I'd like to return one of those favors by naming a hat after her.

The Patricia will feature her knit leaves on either the crown or the cuff.  Since I only have 15 leaf-sets left,  you will see these in galleries and here on my website as "One-of-a-Kind" pieces rather than through my Custom catalog.  If you would like to own one of the final 15, please leave a comment on this blog or contact me directly for your custom order. 

All passes - Art (and friendship) Alone Endures.  


Date 9/3/2018
Dayna Kirkpatrick
Lady Patricia always gave me the "secret Aquaterra hand-sign" (which came from an awful joke of my mama's) and was in wide use during the Julian and Arianne era. She managed such a nice blend of class and sass! She will be missed! I am sad about the pain her loss causes to those whom she leaves behind. She would be honored at your tribute!
Date 9/3/2018
Natasha Orionova
I still have beads she gave to me to use for "something special". I always waited for that something special to come into being, so I could take it along to my next Aquaterra event to show to her. With your permission, I'd like to name whatever piece I use them on after her as well. What a wonderful tribute to her gracious and giving soul.
Date 9/3/2018
heather daveno
Dayna, "secret handshake" was no doubt a piece of that 'sass' she was so famous for. Natasha, I also have a collection of things that she gave me to use - some for hats, some for that 'something special' that never seems to come along. But every time she spotted one of her donations on one of my hats, she pointed it out and was gratefully acknowledged. She had quite the sharing spirit. You don't need permission to name a piece of your work in honor of her. I think she would really like that.

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