Welcome to The Phoenix Files!

This blog is a collection of papers and how-to articles I have written, as well as my travel journals and general announcements. Scholarly works from "The Library" on my old website, are labeled here as "Historica Tractatu." 

My travels have had heavy influence on my work and are the 'back story' behind many of my designs. Some of my older journals are revised from the original, and most link to photo albums on Facebook.  

It's a Wrap!

Posted by Heather Daveno on 1/6/2019 to News & Miscellanae
Happy Twelfth Night! Now that the holidays are officially over - 
- welcome to the brand New Year!

I spent New Year's Day engaged in my traditional activity of updating my website.  It's an exercise for both looking back and looking forward at the same time...

The Patricia

Posted by Heather Daveno on 9/3/2018 to News & Miscellanae
Dedicated to a friend and maker...

Thank You All

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 12/31/2017 to News & Miscellanae
I owe my success in 2017 to each of you who visited my page, purchased a hat, or recommended me to a friend.  You not only supported a local artisan, but several charities as well, including World Central Kitchen, One Nation Appeal and Planned Parenthood.  Thank you from every part of my heart.

It's a Bird... it's a Plane ... it's a Sale!

Posted by Heather Daveno, artisan hatmaker on 6/18/2017 to News & Miscellanae

I'm back from Morocco, with lots of photos and stories.  If you haven't been following my blog lately, you can catch up at my Travels in Morocco blog series - scroll down to "Morocco At Last" to begin your journey ... 

Now in progress - a Passport Renewal Sale!

Pro-bono projects - and Morocco!

Posted by Heather Daveno, hatmaker, intrepid traveler on 3/4/2017 to News & Miscellanae
The absence of blog posts is an indication of just how busy I have been over the last few months, supplying hats for street newspaper vendors, a theater group in Massachusetts, four Women's Marches, and a fashion museum.  I'm hoping to add the Seattle Science March to that list.

I am also pausing production for the rest of March, as I celebrate a landmark birthday in Morocco...

It's not about the Hats

Posted by Heather Daveno, artisan hatmaker on 1/15/2017 to News & Miscellanae

I have always tried to keep my art and politics separate. I am now failing at that. A failure for which I will not apologize for.

Those who follow my business page on Facebook have seen the hats I'm making for the Women's Marches on January 21 as part of the PussyHats Project. I have seen in the news recently some dissenting opinions regarding that project, from women who are concerned that we are focusing on silly hats instead of real women's issues.

It's not about the hats...

AnyDay Hats at Beppa

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 11/1/2016 to News & Miscellanae
"Peer through the window ... what do you see?  
I see your reflection, smiling back at me!  

Swing open the door, be welcome and enter!  
We bet you'll find treasures both new and remembered... "

Dare to Imagine at AnyDay Hats!


Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 10/5/2016 to News & Miscellanae
I won't be at this show, but don't let that stop you!  

Several of my artisan hatmaker friends will be at Phinney Center on Saturday, with new hats just waiting to go home with you ... 

A Requiem for a Hat

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 10/2/2016 to News & Miscellanae
It is with a mix of nostalgia and sadness that I announce end of line for the hat that started it all ....

But it also means some good news for the collector's market!


Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 9/28/2016 to News & Miscellanae
While I am between new works to show, I'd like to promote the newest works of some of my colleagues, who will be showing at Hatstravaganza in Seattle on October 8.

I will not be in this show, but don't let that stop you!  

Ramping up for Fall

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 9/25/2016 to News & Miscellanae
Ramping up for Fall... 

A recap of art shows that happened, shows that have been shipped, a new gallery, and some new hats ... 

A little something for everyone!

Beppa Studio Fall Sale

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 9/14/2016 to News & Miscellanae
"A shared love of Ethnic and American folk art has been the constant thread in Rebecca and Gretchen's relationship as well as business, and they have actively acquired pieces throughout the years, which they sell at 3 events a year...

This year, Heather Daveno joins the mix with a selection of woolen caps, inspired by a crossroads of time periods and cultures, and individually handcrafted from reclaimed textiles..."

Arts North Studio Tour Sept 10-11

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 9/7/2016 to News & Miscellanae
Wow, where did the summer go???  

Time to change gears, in every manner of the word : )

And a couple of those gears are even on sale at the Arts North Studio Tour!

A Few New Works

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 8/31/2016 to News & Miscellanae
A few new works ... 

Some of these you may have seen at the Beppa show last weekend, others you will see at the upcoming Arts North Studio Tour September 10-11.

Follow me on Facebook to see new works and some of the process that goes into making them.  There may even be a little something for the person who becomes Fan Number 501...

Mood Indigo at SAAM

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 8/27/2016 to News & Miscellanae
I took a break from hatmaking earlier this month, to visit "Mood Indigo - Textiles from Around the World" at the Seattle Asian Art Museum. 

This exhibit was highly recommended by Jean Hicks, a fellow hatter and feltmaker, and it did not disappoint...

Buttons and Tours

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 8/24/2016 to News & Miscellanae
Button Button - who's got the button?  Beppa Does!

I'm excited to be going to the Beppa Button Sale this weekend, which I hear is one of those local events that you're not supposed to miss... although I have missed it every year thus far ...

Any Day Hats - a Recap

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 8/20/2016 to News & Miscellanae
I have neglected this blog for the past two months and now I have a lot of updates to do... so buckle your seat belt as we hit the road running!

First up - a recap of our inaugural Any Day Hat show, held at Beppa Studio June 3-4.  We even got a nice bit of press coverage in the Seattle Met Magazine!

Any Day Hats at Beppa Studio

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 6/1/2016 to News & Miscellanae
For Immediate Release:

SEATTLE, WA – June 1, 2016 - Seattle artisan hatmakers gather at Beppa Studio this weekend to bring hat culture into the Emerald City.

“Any Day Hats” brings six of the city’s finest hatmakers and artisans together for a show and sale of  handcrafted hats, fascinators and headwear.   Each one will bring their own distinct style to this event, and will set out to dispel the myth that not everyone looks great in a hat.  “Saying you don’t look good in hats, is like saying you don’t look good in shoes…”

New Shows ...

Posted by Heather Daveno, Artisan Hatmaker on 5/23/2016 to News & Miscellanae
New Shows are good news!   
A new phone, not so much ...

Sometimes Inspiration is Elemental

Posted by Heather Daveno, Millinery Artisan Guild Member on 4/24/2016 to News & Miscellanae
Sometimes Inspiration is Elemental
"In August 2015, Carol Campbell and Michale Crooks attended Wayne Wichern's millinery trim class, along with four other students.  One student was Judith, who, after looking around in Carol's workshop, was inspired by an unusual hat block from which Carol had created three very different hats.  And Judith said that if she had a milliners guild, she would issue a challenge to milliners to each use the same hat block, sending it from one milliner to the next within a time frame, and see the different hats that resulted from the challenge.  Then Wayne talked about the Edibles project, which resulted in hats by Millinery Artisan Guild of the Pacific Northwest members which are still in museums today..."

Carol and Michale loved that idea so much that they issued a hat challenge for early 2016.  Rather than share a block, they chose an inspiration.

Sometimes Inspiration is Elemental ...