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This blog is a collection of papers and how-to articles I have written, as well as my travel journals and general announcements. Scholarly works from "The Library" on my old website, are labeled here as "Historica Tractatu." 

My travels have had heavy influence on my work and are the 'back story' behind many of my designs. Some of my older journals are revised from the original, and most link to photo albums on Facebook.  

It's a Bird... it's a Plane ... it's a Sale!

I'm back from Morocco, with lots of photos and stories.  If you haven't been following my blog lately, you can catch up at my Travels in Morocco blog series, which link to my Facebook Albums which are accessible even if you don't have a Facebook account. Scroll down to "Morocco At Last" to begin your journey ... 

Now in progress - a Passport Renewal Sale!

Many of my One-of-a-Kind Hats are now at 50-70% off their original price.  My hat sales fund my international travels, so buy a hat and send me on my next destination!  These discounts also extend to selected hats that are in my shops and galleries across the country.  Find one near you at my Galleries and Events listing.

I have decided to opt out of doing in-person shows, in order to focus on promoting and supporting the galleries that sell my hats.  After the successful launch of my KittyHat, which benefits Planned Parenthood, I am now working to expand my philanthropic efforts by designing hats to benefit other organizations.  Sciences is up next, and probably an environmental hat after that.  Send me a note if you have a favorite organization that you would like me to design a hat for, and designate a percentage of the sale price to.  

As always, thank you for following along and being supportive of my work.  

"Without hats we would have no civilization" - Christian Dior

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