Double Tassel Red Pith Helmet

Double Tassel Red Pith Helmet

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Although this hat fits into the steampunk genre, it is actually inspired by one worn by the grandsons of Genghis Khan, as part of his military uniform from 13th century Mongolia.  This one does not have the back flap that can be seen on the painting of the original.

I found this bamboo pith helmet at a thrift store, and covered the crown with red brocade from a placemat, and covered the brim with a black straw placemat. The edges are bound with a heavy brocade ribbon.

The 'insignia' on front was constructed from a variety of found objects. A men's leather belt serves as a hat band, and a pair of red rayon tassels are suspended from a brass lamp finial.  

A slit up the back allows this hat to flex a little from its 22" size.

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