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Art In, Art Out ...

Posted by on 6/10/2014 to News & Miscellanae
Art comes In...

My paintings arrived!  A pair of works by artist friend Stacy Spangler were waiting in my PO box today.  A feather and bear executed in watercolor and acrylic now grace the wall in my sewing room, where they blend nicely with the blues that are taking over that room, and the bird motifs that fly rampant there. 

Design, Illustration and Other Bright Ideas by Stacy6.

Upon arriving home, I found a gift from a neighbor, about 16 pounds of linen and cotton samples of Italian manufacture by Bagni Volpi Noemi, that I can hardly wait to tear off the sample cards and cut into summer hats.  Though I'm sure some of it will show up in giveaway boxes at my Phoenix Rising Celebration in August...

...and Art Goes Out!

These are two of the hats on their way to the Fairweather Gallery & Gifts in Juneau, Alaska. I call this style the Sitka, which is based on a Russian military hat I found in Juneau during my visit there several years ago. I met owners Christie Jones and her sister at their original shop in Sitka on that trip.  Two years later, they opened a shop in Juneau, and here I am! (Or at least, here are my hats :)

Specializing in original art clothing and handcrafted items from Alaska and around the world, visitors to the Fairweather Gifts & Gallery will find a selection of my hats with earflaps, to keep you toasty warm during your Alaskan stay.

Fairweather Gallery & Gifts is located in the heart of downtown Juneau, only blocks from cruise ship docks, the Alaska State Museum, Centennial Hall Convention Center and state capital buildings. This shop is open open year-round and is dedicated to serving the residents of Juneau and Southeastern Alaska.

Fairweather Gallery & Gifts
207 South Franklin Street Juneau, AK 99801
Phone: (907) 789-1404
You can also contact them by email or on Facebook

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