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Any Day Hats at Beppa Studio

Heather Daveno                                                             For Immediate Release: June 1, 2016

Artisan Hatmaker



SEATTLE, WA – June 1, 2016 - Seattle artisan hatmakers gather at Beppa Studio this weekend to bring hat culture into the Emerald City.

“Any Day Hats” brings six of the city’s finest hatmakers and artisans together for a show and sale of  handcrafted hats, fascinators and headwear.   Each one will bring their own distinct style to this event, and will set out to dispel the myth that not everyone looks great in a hat.  “Saying you don’t look good in hats, is like saying you don’t look good in shoes…”

Beppa Studio is located at 7704 6th Avenue NW, just north of Ballard.  A Gala Reception will be held on June 3 from 4-8 PM,  with the show continuing Saturday from 10am – 5pm.  Full details are on our website at www.millineryartisans-exhibits.com/trunkshowatbeppa

About the artisans:

Izzie Lewis has developed a reputation as one of Seattle’s most talented hatmakers.  Mingling architectural influences with a love for textiles, Izzie’s hats can be distinguished by precise construction, unique use of materials, and a sense of innovation.  Her work is included in the permanent collections at the Museum of History and Industry in Seattle and the Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, deYoung Museum. Susan Phinney of the Seattle Times characterized her work as “so beautifully made it can be worn inside out.”

Annie DeVuono’s hats embody a sculptural sense of design and her work is often shown in galleries as pieces of wearable art.  She revels in the long, complex tradition that surrounds the art of millinery and sees a performance potential with these pieces. Like the telling of stories passed down through generations, each time one is worn the narrative changes.

Laura Clampitt discovered a love for textiles and wearable sculpture while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Textile Art from the University of Washington.  She is inspired by organic, non-traditional shapes.  “Quality materials have a life of their own and almost communicate how they want to be shaped. I may have vague ideas of what I want when I start a piece that are transformed by the process in to something much different. “

Jean Hicks will not join us in person but has sent a small collection of her hats.  Jean has created felt and felt works for several years and is a recipient of the Poncho/Pratt Fine Art Center Artist-in-Residence program.  Outside of Seattle, her works are also featured in boutiques in New York, Washington DC and Chicago.

Carol Campbell,  Michale Crooks and Heather Daveno will also be presenting new works, ranging from Sunday Best and Derby hats, to floral tricorns, and even “kitchenware” made into “kitchenwear”.  Join us, bring a friend, and never again leave home without a well-dressed head!

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