Welcome to August Phoenix Hats!
Custom-made and one-of-a-kind hats created by Heather Daveno - culturally inspired yet universal, historical yet timeless, handcrafted to wear forever...

August Phoenix refers to the noble and legendary bird reborn from fire and is a reference to the reclaimed textiles and found objects that are 'reborn' as new hats of enduring style and quality.

I am in the process of earmarking specific hat styles as fundraisers for some of my favorite causes.  Until further notice, I will donate at least 10% of all sales from this website to One Nation, One Appeal to assist in U.S. hurricane disaster relief (with the exception of Kitty Hats which will continue to benefit Planned Parenthood).

Many of my One-of-a-Kind Hats are now at 50-70% off their original price.  For hats that are on sale, I will donate 10% of their original price towards this effort.

You may also custom order a hat to meet your exact specifications at my regular catalog prices with 10% being donated to One Nation, One Appeal. I look forward to creating an inspired artisan hat for you, and assisting our fellow citizens as they recover from the devastation that the current hurricanes are wreaking on their homes and businesses.