Welcome to August Phoenix!

Wearable artworks designed and handcrafted by Heather Daveno.

I design my hats one at a time from reclaimed textiles and "found objects". My work is inspired by the countries I have visited and historical eras I have studied. I fuse these influences into limited edition pieces of distinctive, wearable artworks that I sell through this website, and at selected shows and galleries across the USA.

August Phoenix, the noble bird that, in the legend of several different cultures rises from its own ashes to be born anew, refers to the recycled nature of my work. I make new hats from reclaimed coats, designed to be timeless, handcrafted to wear forever...

Visit My Hat Store to order a custom made hat, or to see hats that are currently in stock. Or check my Calendar to find a show or gallery in your area. To see my newest works and what is trending behind this page, please follow me on Facebook!

August Phoenix is a registered woman-owned business in the State of Washington. I am a member of the Northwest Art Alliance (NWAA), the Brookfield Craft Center and The Textile and Fiber Arts List (TAFA).

I donate a percentage of my sales to Real Change, a non-profit organization creating opportunity and a voice for low-income people while taking action to end homelessness and poverty. My philanthropic support for my community also includes annual donations to Children's Hospital and other selected charities.


PO Box 976, Seattle WA 98111 * Phone 206.406.5907 * hats@augustphoenix.com

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